Upcoming Splatoon Update Puts Color In Motion


The new content hasn’t stopped coming for Splatoon, not since its release last spring. During today’s Nintendo Direct, we learned that even more Splatoon updates are on their way. Most notable are the two new stages, Museum d’Alfonsino, and Mahi-Mahi Resort:

Those stages are unlike anything we’ve seen in Splatoon so far. Museum d’Alfonsino is full of art from the squid universe, and features several revolving obstacles in its center area. Working the angles of the stage correctly will be essential to securing victory in any game mode. Museum d’Alfonsino will be available tomorrow at 6pm PST.

Mahi-Mahi Resort isn’t quite ready for play yet, but is coming soon. Water covers much of the same for the first half of the match, but the water level lowers later in the game to reveal even more turf to ink. Water is hazardous to Inklings, though, so don’t fall in!

New gear has already been added to the stores in Inkopolis, and more will be on its way later. Nintendo has promised more updates at the very least through January 2016 with stages, more gear, and game balance updates. They also announced an Official Treehouse Splatournament to be livestreamed on Nintendo’s official Twitch and YouTube channels on December 2. The Splatournament will feature teams of Treehouse staff duking it out in Splatoon, with rules and suggestions to come up with your own Splatournament to play with friends.

Bring on the updates! Splatoon is still going strong months after its release, so all the love for the title is great. If you haven’t picked up Splatoon yet, now is a better time than ever before, and for those who haven’t picked up their copy in awhile, these updates might be an excellent chance to get back into the fray and ink some turf.