The 50 Best Star Wars Games Of All Time

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Star Wars fans have been blessed with an abundance of excellent titles which have incorporated a variety of genres in the process. Star Wars games have been in existence for almost as long as video gaming itself, with the first film debuting in cinemas during the same year that the famous Atari 2600 home console was released to the masses.

There are a vast number of titles to consider when crafting a list such as this. Star Wars fans are notoriously dedicated and therefore highly critical of anything that falls short of the high expectations that surround this historic franchise. Although some average titles may sneak their way onto our list, it takes a truly special Star Wars experience to make its way into our top ten. Multiple factors have been taken into account when making our decision, including average review scores, each game’s lasting legacy, and that all-important Star Wars immersion factor.

Of course, our decisions have been made even tougher this year with the addition of multiple Star Wars games to the fold, including EA & DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront.

Please note that for multi-platform titles, we are only listing the developers and publishers for the relevant platforms (no ports or alternate versions) and each game’s listed release date is based on its original North American release. 

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