Fallout 4 Mod Turns Everyone Into Jim Carrey


The Immersive Facial Animations mod for Fallout 4 is anything but immersive, and that’s why it’s awesome.

Fallout 4 glows a little greener and feels a little smoother than its predecessors, but the facial animation still lacks emotion. Everyone is The Commonwealth is a little stiff, so modder FancyPants took it upon himself to fix Bethesda’s mistake—by cranking it up to eleven.

This Fallout 4 mod demonstrates the comedic power of extreme facial expressions that are strong enough to make Jim Carrey jealous. And while quite entertaining, the mod does tend to ruin dramatic moments (also like Jim Carrey), so I wouldn’t recommend installing it on your first playthrough, unless of course, you’re cool with that.

Immersive Facial Animations was the first mod I installed for Fallout 4, but it’s quite easy thanks to Nexus Mod Manager and a quick tutorial. Nexus Mod Manager can do most of the heavy lifting, you just need a text editor (ex. Notepad) and a few minutes. If you log into the Nexus client you even can select mods from the website and have them automatically added to your game, much like Steam Workshop.

This is the sort of Fallout 4 mod you use for an evening of laughs and then disable, but I have yet to turn it off. Only time will tell when I tire of puddy-faced emotion monsters, but until that day I shall keep trotting through The Commonwealth with a maniacal smile upon my face.

Source: Youtube

Author’s note: I uninstalled Microsoft Office to make room on my hard drive for this. I’m not sure if that says more about my backward priorities or a love for goofy faces…

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