New Pokken Tournament Trailer Features Shadow Mewtwo


Last week, we were treated to the introduction of Shadow Mewtwo, a terrifyingly powerful Halloween add-in for arcade versions of Pokken Tournament confirmed by Nintendo to be playable in the Wii U version. It’s a crazy-looking Mewtwo like we’ve never seen before, all dark with orange crystals jutting from its shoulder. During the Nintendo Direct today, we saw even more of Shadow Mewtwo in action in a Pokken Tournament trailer, along with the rest of the ‘mons known so far to be in the game:

What was that? Oh yeah. it Mega Evolved. So did Lucario, and it looks awesome. You can also get an idea from the Pokken Tournament trailer of how the trainers interact with their Pokemon, and what kinds of locations will be available to battle in. Shadow Mewtwo is available by fulfilling certain in-game conditions in Pokken Tournament (could there be a story mode? please?), but the first production run of Pokken Tournament for Wii U will include an amiibo card of Shadow Mewtwo, enabling you to unlock it immediately within your game.

Pokken Tournament is slated for release on the Wii U sometime in Spring 2016. You can currently try the arcade version of the game in Dave & Buster’s arcades across the United States.