5 Things We Enjoyed About The Star Wars Battlefront Beta

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#1 – Feel The Force!

Without a doubt, my favorite moment of any Star Wars game is that in which I’m equipped with a lightsaber. I’ve always been captivated by them, and I have particularly fond memories of the immersive lightsaber battles in games such as Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.

Battlefront has utilized its Hero characters as collectible power-ups which spawn randomly across the map, and although we didn’t get too many chances to control them in the beta, DICE have accurately captured the destructive and all-powerful nature of a Jedi or Sith, offering players a short burst of immense power and ability.

This feeling manifests itself most prominently as your opponents retreat en-masse after spotting you over the horizon. Of course, they’re powerless to resist your extensive list of force abilities, which gives players of all levels a chance to experience the thrill of being the most powerful presence on the battlefront; at least, until you’re confronted with an enemy who is also trained in the ways of the force, resulting in a grand spectacle for all to witness.

Most importantly, I found these Hero characters to be just as exciting and fun to play with as I had originally anticipated. I can’t wait to sample more of them later this year.

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