5 Things We Enjoyed About The Star Wars Battlefront Beta

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#2 – Things That Go BOOM!

Explosions just look great in Battlefront, don’t they?

They’re not graphically grotesque or leaning too close to the edge of realism, yet they retain that unique Star Wars feel that helped to craft such an incredibly unique universe in the original trilogy.

As five or six weapons explode simultaneously, you suddenly gain a bigger appreciation for the scale of the battle that you’re currently immersed in. The game’s frame rate doesn’t bat an eyelid at the ensuing madness, despite the graphical intensity that’s being forced upon your console or PC.

Indeed, it appears as though weapons like the Thermal Imploder would buckle under the weight of the game’s 60 fps frame rate, yet Battlefront appears the relish the challenge, never failing to keep the action fast and furious, even when under the strain of ground-shaking explosive effects.

Explosions happen all over the battle zone, whether it’s an AT-ST combusting into flames or a TIE Fighter crashing into the snow in front of your eyes. They’re an important element of immersion and authenticity in Star Wars Battlefront, and the team at DICE have done an excellent job in this area.

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