Today is the day baseball fans have been waiting for..."/> Today is the day baseball fans have been waiting for..."/>

Our MLB 2015 Playoffs Simulation From MLB 15: The Show

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National League Championship Series: New York Mets (3) vs Chicago Cubs (5)

Chicago Cubs

The Kris Bryant Show made its debut, with Bryant knocking in the majority of the Cubs’ runs. Fowler started to cool off, while Montero brought the scoring opportunities up with a high OBP. The Cubs’ starters were uncharacteristic. Arietta gave up 7 ER over two starts, Lester gave up 8 over two starts and Hammel gave up 6 ER. It was the bullpen that kept things intact this series, although they were called upon more than you’d like.

New York Mets 

d’Arnaud finally showed up, scoring 6 times while knocking in 5. The Grandy Man Can certainly start the lineup right, with almost as many runs as he had hits. It was hits at odd times that were crucial for the Mets’ success, as David Wright’s numerous hits could not score nearly as many runs as Daniel Murphy’s occasional hits scored 6. The floodgates on Harvey innings finally opened up, as he pitched 15 over two starts while striking out 20.

Final Result:

New York Mets 4 – Chicago Cubs 3

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