Today is the day baseball fans have been waiting for..."/> Today is the day baseball fans have been waiting for..."/>

Our MLB 2015 Playoffs Simulation From MLB 15: The Show

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American League Championship Series: Toronto Blue Jays (2) vs. New York Yankees (4)

New York Yankees

With a club filled with players that have postseason experience, the series started out swayed in the Yankees’ favor. Ellsbury, once again, kept his BA high at .462 going through this series. The low-middle part of the order brought the bats against the Jays, with McCann getting a hit every third at-bat and an RBI every fourth plate appearance. Bird mowed down the Blue Birds with 3 home runs and 11 RBI. Even Gardner stole three bases against Russell Martin. This series was very tight, coming down to a single run between the two teams.

Toronto Blue Jays

Finally, the bats awaken. Joey Bats, specifically, who kept a low BA but high OBP, while knocking in an unreal 4 home runs in needed situations. Troy Tulowitzki did his best 2014 impression and batted .400, scored 6 times and hit 2 home runs. Your inevitable 2015 MVP, Josh Donaldson, brought the rain only once, but many of his 6 RBI’s were game-swaying. The bullpen kept the Jays in check, with Osuna still haven’t giving up an ER in the playoffs. Brett Cecil, Aaron Loup and Mark Lowe gave up just 2 ER between them across 11 innings of work. For Toronto sports fans, visions of the 90’s are dancing once again.

Final Result:

Toronto Blue Jays 4 – New York Yankees 3

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