Today is the day baseball fans have been waiting for..."/> Today is the day baseball fans have been waiting for..."/>

Our MLB 2015 Playoffs Simulation From MLB 15: The Show

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National League Division Series: St. Louis Cardinals (1) vs. Chicago Cubs (5)

St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals were all pitching and light on hitting in this series. Matt Carpenter and Stephen Piscotty were both batting .333 each from the top of the lineup, bringing in 8 runs between them. The strikeouts were a problem, as not putting the ball in play with Heyward (7 K’s), Holliday (5 K’s) and Wong (9 K’s) meant removing opportunities for a bloop or a blast. At the very least, a shutout from Lynn and a return to form from Lackey (8 IP, 12 K’s, 2 ER) kept the Cards in it throughout. They even scored 3 runs in the final inning of the series!

Chicago Cubs

Have a day, Mr. Fowler! Batting .448 in a crucial series, he was responsible for 7 runs and 6 RBI during the series, while striking out just once. M to the Rizzo knocked in 6 RBI himself, although between him and Bryant 1 home run seemed like a letdown. As expected, Arietta bounced back to give up no runs over 8 innings of 11 strikeout, no walks play. Rondon, however, was only called upon twice and gave up 2 ER in his final appearance. Was it enough to keep the dream alive?

Final Result:

Chicago Cubs 3 – St. Louis Cardinals 2

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