E3 2015: Ubisoft Predictions, Rumors & Expectations

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Things I think we’ll see at the Ubisoft briefing

  • Watch Dogs 2 Will Get A Conceptual Or Cinematic Trailer Only

As a major part of Ubisoft’s “learning from their past mistake/redemption” tour at E3 2015, Watch Dogs 2: Electronics Boogaloo will be handled very tactfully. We already know that Ubisoft won’t be pushing games to the limelight unless they think they can be franchises, and Watch Dogs’ 2014 was truly a case of a title that seemed to be an incomplete first in a series of refined attempts at a solid format. I totally expect a Watch Dogs 2 title to be announced, with possibly a 2016 trailer. I wouldn’t be surprised if future titles might follow the Assassin’s Creed path of unnecessary annualization, sacrificing polish and ingenuity for hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • Ubisoft Will Debut The First Assassin’s Creed Film Trailer

There have been a few video game movies that have been in development hell over the past half decade, with Assassin’s Creed being one of the more prominent among them. With a first film poster released just days ago, it would be perfect for Ubisoft to release their first trailer when all eyes are on them. With Michael Fassbender saying that filming will start in September, I’m sure all we’ll get is some sort of teaser with narration dubbed over top. Maybe something Abstergo-related, if they truly wanted to go full wildcard.

  • Prince Of Persia Remastered Collection Is Announced At the Worst Possible Time

This prediction came before Robin Atkin Downes tweeted about being in attendance while bringing “#PrinceOfPersia and #georgewashington” with him to E3. With the lack of backwards compatibility on any 8th-gen platform that 3rd parties actually release games for, releasing collections of old games on PS4 and Xbox One is a legitimate business strategy. Capcom has seen huge success with it already, and if they’re doing well with that model, you can be sure as hell Ubisoft will come barking up that same tree. As much as I’d like to mime myself playing those games on PS4 or Xbox One, with so many remasters being released lately, such an announcement would come near a peak remaster exhaustion in the games market.

  • A New Splinter Cell Will Be Announced, With Ubisoft Toronto As Developers

Not too far from my apartment in West Toronto rests the headquarters of Ubisoft Toronto. Helping to develop specific parts for a bevy of games, including the Shangri-La section of Far Cry 4, their first title of their own came in the criminally underrated Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Although Jade Redmond has since left the company, they will power through with a new title in the action-stealth-hybrid series. As long as they promote stealth over bombastic action, they should get a fighting chance at bringing the Splinter Cell name back to prominence.

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