New 3DS Release Date Is Probably For Real


Making the rounds today from NeoGAF is a poster of the New Nintendo 3DS with a possible release date on it, as well as some other tantalizing information that will likely be clarified or confirmed in tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct. Though at first just rumor, Kotaku seems to have gotten in contact with some GameStop employees who have confirmed the poster is real. Looks like North America’s New 3DS release date will be February 13th. Check out the poster:

As you can see, the poster features not just a New 3DS, but the XL version, and in red! With built-in Amiibo support! Kotaku also reported that GameStop is rumored to be taking pre-orders for the New 3DS XL as early as tomorrow (let’s hope they don’t run out of stock like everything else…).

Plus Majora’s Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which don’t have release dates yet, are featured on the poster. It’s looking more and more like they’ll be released alongside the new system, perhaps in bundles? February 13th will be a big day for Nintendo, too, since Kirby and the Rainbow Curse comes out that day as well on the Wii U.

Get hyped! We’ll be covering the Nintendo Direct tomorrow morning at 9AM Eastern time, 6AM Pacific, so keep an eye out for official confirmations as well as more Nintendo news.

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