GameSided Game of the Year 2014 | Honorable Mentions

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17 – Child of Light (10 points)

When Ubisoft’s not releasing annualized franchise entries that are either broken at launch or severely downgraded from what they promoted, they have small teams working on niche products that can really strike a cord with the right audience. Such is the case with Child of Light from Ubisoft Montreal, who used the UbiArts Framework engine to create a truly beautiful 2.5D turn-based RPG. Plus, writing most of a game’s script in verse is a remarkable feat, worthy of recognition.

In his review, Eric wrote: “It’s hard to imagine a better game out there right now for $15 than Child of Light. Hell, it’s better than many $60 games I’ve played recently. It has a couple of nagging flaws, but it’s beautiful and, at times, haunting. It also comes packaged with a very solid combat system, all combining for a memorable experience you won’t soon forget. Child of Light is arguably the best game I’ve played thus far in 2014.” (written in May)