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7 – D4 (Dark Dreams Don’t Die)

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If you have an Xbox One, there’s absolutely no reason why you don’t already own a copy of this game. It’s on January’s Xbox Live Games with Gold, and its early chapters are worth its paid price at least three-fold.

From the brilliant mind that brought you cult classic Deadly Premonition, Swery65’s newest adventure game D4 sees a private investigator from Boston, David Young, on a frantic search for “D”, the acronym of the person who murdered his wife. He collects clues by travelling backwards in time through important investigative figures’ mementos left behind from scenes of the crime. Help arrives in the form of a food fanatic Forrest Kaysen, and the half cat, half lady-enigma Amanda.

It’s so decidedly unique, unheard of and downright silly to the point of absolute admiration. What’s downright awful is that not only did Microsoft’s decision to kill the Kinect negatively affect the development of the Kinect-heavy title (you can use a controller now), but its episodic nature has been put into jeopardy due to a poor showing. I blame the sudden announcement of its release date a day before the game came out, but who’s fault that lies with is up for another discussion at a later time.

Seriously, tell everyone you know with an Xbox One to pick up D4 right now! It’s imperative to the legitimacy of Xbox One and its exclusives to reward ingenuity over the same type of experience repeatedly throughout other franchises and games companies.

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