Pillars of Eternity Pre-Orders Are Up


Disclosure: The author of this post has pledged towards the Kickstarter for Pillars of Eternity at the minimum level required to own the game, long before GameSided was even a website. You can read more about our ethical standards here.

As bad as Kickstarter has been on a couple of notable gaming projects (and even on non-gaming wastes of money), there has been some major projects to come out of the crowdfunding platform. Our reviewer loved Shovel Knight, and Obsidian hopes you’ll at least show a passing interest in their upcoming old-school computer-RPG, Pillars of Eternity. Their plan is to draw you in with a new trailer, revealing that pre-orders of the game are now live.

You can immediately see that Obsidian is drawing upon Baldurs Gate aesthetics with their isometric 3D play, text boxes, portrait art and overall user interface in Pillars of Eternity. Seeing as the style of game has taken a long, perhaps undeserved breather among RPG’s, as they expand towards more and more open world archetypes, I’m glad to see it happen again. Plus, with real time plus pause combat in effect, it will harken further back to the golden age of CRPG’s in the late 90’s/very early 2000’s.

With initial beta preview impressions of Pillars of Eternity being a bit concerning, however, the hope is that Obsidian are being cautious with the timing of this pre-order announcement. If the gameplay itself is too confusing, or if the game is released as buggy as games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Assassin’s Creed Unity are, then it would be of a huge disservice to the backers and those interested in the game. Genre homogenization is something to avoid, and Obsidian doing a good job with their inevitable release could hopefully bring more interest in the CRPG back to where it deserves.

You can pre-order Pillars of Eternity on their website. It should be coming to PC’s early next year.

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