Update: BlizzCon 2014: Blizzard Announces Overwatch


Update: The website is live and you can sign up for a Beta key through your battle.net account. The website also includes the full gameplay trailer and cinematic, as well as information on each of the playable characters. Check it out!

Update: From Kotaku, sounds like Overwatch is what Titan was turned into. They even reused some of the class names.

Here’s the official trailer for Overwatch:

And here’s a video of some of the gameplay that someone posted to YouTube. It’s not the full video shown at BlizzCon, so be on the lookout for that too.

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noticed earlier this week– Eye of Azshara?

Original Post:

At BlizzCon 2014, Blizzard has just announced their new game, Overwatch, a team-based, multiplayer shooter.

Overwatch takes place in the future, after the title group ended a great war within humanity. Overwatch was a group of power, talented, superheroic human beings who fought for peace and liberty, but are, at the time of the game, disbanded. Of course, that can’t last for long.

The trailer featured almost Pixar-style artwork and a group of heroes with a wide range range of appearances and abilities, including a huge gorilla wearing glasses, humans,  and an evil skeleton-mask wearing dude who used shadowy abilities to fight the good guys.

Jeff Kaplan is directing the project, and from the statements made, it seems to be marketed more toward casual players, and is easy to approach if you’ve never played before. You play as whichever member of Overwatch you choose. Aside from just shooting guns, each character seems to have different abilities and class skills. Those shown include warping, seeing through walls, healing, creating turrets and party-wide shields, and some abilities that look similar to bionics from Mass Effect. It looks like each character even has a sort of special “finisher move” too. The gameplay video shown featured two teams fighting against one another to complete objectives, such as capturing specific points, through various environments.

The environments look beautiful, the characters diverse, and the gameplay exciting. The Beta is coming in 2015 and you can sign up at www.playoverwatch.com as soon as the link becomes available (it is not live at the moment). You have to hand it to Blizzard, they sure put on a fabulous show. Overwatch looks awesome.

For lucky people at BlizzCon 2014, Overwatch is available to be played and the developers sounded eager for feedback. More information will become available during panels later today and throughout the week. We’ll have more, along with gameplay trailers, as the information becomes available.