Update: Blizzard Trademarks “Eye of Azshara,” “Overwatch”


Update: Overwatch confirmed.

IGN has just reported that, according to a forum post on MMO Champion, Blizzard has filed two mystery trademarks– one for “Eye of Azshara” and the other for “Overwatch.” It is unknown if these are legitimate trademark filings or, assuming they are, if they mean anything significant at all. “Overwatch” reportedly has been trademarked in multiple regions.

Speculation as to what these trademarks, if real, might be include the next World of Warcraft expansion, or perhaps something for the popular Warcraft-related card game, Hearthstone. With BlizzCon 2014 happening this week, one or both of these names may be announced there, though if one of the name of the next expansion its reveal is less likely, as Warlords of Draenor isn’t even due until November 13.

Azshara has long been speculated to be the subject of a future World of Warcraft expansion, and discussion on the possibilities for “Eye of Azshara” include the eye being some kind of gem, the entrance to an underwater or island area, or an alternate name for the Maelstrom, the swirling vortex at the center of Azeroth that is also directly above the Naga capital. While nothing is set in stone, it’s fun to speculate on the future of World of Warcraft which, judging by the surge of returning subscribers for patch 6.0, still has several more expansions of success left in it.

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