More Ugly Gaming Christmas Sweaters


So, last month I posted about some pretty cool “ugly” Christmas sweaters with a gaming theme. Now, thanks to Topless Robot I’ve got some more for you, but these are only available to order for a very limited amount of time.

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The Christmas sweaters themselves are available through, and while the Topless Robot article features the pretty cool Sub-Zero themed one, there are several others, including one that references one of Link’s worst games, and my personal favorite is one that is Mario Kart themed. There are also some that are fairly cool that aren’t gaming themed such as this He-Man themed one.

They all sell for the pretty reasonable price of $25, but as I mentioned earlier are only available to order for a very limited time. These Christmas sweaters can only be ordered up until the 10th of November. That’s only 5 more days as of this posting, so if you want to get them as a gift or for yourself, act quick!


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