Smash Bros Direct: Smash Bros Stages Get Bigger And Better


With added support for up to 8-players in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros, it would be crazy to expect everyone to fit on one tiny platform, right? Super Smash Bros stages aren’t all tiny in Wii U though. The Wii U version introduces several bigger stages to accommodate more players. Stages shown during today’s Smash Bros Nintendo Direct include:

  • Palutena’s Temple
  • Temple (aka, the infamous Hyrule Temple!)
  • Big Battlefield

The probability of such stages appearing in online multiplayer is slightly lower than normal, so you’re not always stuck with four players on a humongous map, and eight-player matches can still be conducted on the smaller maps if you so choose. It is possible that there will be more large stages unlockable throughout the game, since the Direct also promised even more unlockables than on the 3DS. The most interesting (and chaotic) of these looks to be Big Battlefield, which is a redone version of the normal Battlefield with a stretched out main platform, and more smaller, hovering platforms. Eight-player matches fit beautifully into these large areas, and refute concerns over tiny character models being difficult to see and play with.

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