Rumors: 8-Player Smash In 3DS Super Smash Bros?


According to Kotaku, a hacker has found evidence of a possible 8-Player Smash mode in the sound files of the new Super Smash Bros for 3DS.

Allegedly, a hacker has been able to access sound files in 3DS Smash of the announcer’s voice calling out several different modes that are not currently present in the game, including Coin Mode and Tournaments. Finding those files is believable, since such modes were present in previous games, but among the sound files is also “8 Player Smash.” Could Smash eventually have an 8-player mode?

It seems pretty unbelievable, especially on the 3DS where the screen is already pretty small. The sound files may be fake (though the voice sounds convincingly identical to the announcer in the game), or the 8 Player Smash may be an unused idea, or it may indicate something else entirely, such as a round robin kind of tournament.

You can listen to some of the audio files they discovered here:

Whatever the case may be, it just increases the likelihood and hype that Nintendo will add tons of DLC to this title, perhaps not only in the form of new characters and stages but also in new match modes that we knew and loved from previous Smash games.

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