How To Get Pokemon ORAS Demo Codes, ORAS Rumors, and More


Wow, The Pokemon Company has been pumping out news like crazy the last few weeks, and I’m stoked. This week we’ve got some new retro titles coming to the Virtual Console, more Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire news, more ways to get Pokemon ORAS demo codes, and some pretty interesting rumors about potential features in the upcoming games, too.

Coming to the Virtual Console…

Well, they’re stubbornly refusing to give us the original games on Virtual Console, but they haven’t forgotten it entirely. Serebii reports that Pokemon Puzzle Challenge and Pokemon Trading Card Game, both originally for the GameBoy Color, are coming to the Virtual Console on the 3DS in North America on November 6th and 13th, respectively. Puzzle Challenge will cost $5.99 and TCG will cost $4.99. Hopefully releasing all the minor titles will pave the way for games like Red, Blue, and Yellow to eventually make it to the VC as well.

Bring your megas with you to ORAS

If you needed more incentive than hype to pick up the demos of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, how about a mega-evolved Pokemon? North American, European, and Korean players will receive Mega Glalie in the demo, while Japanese players get Mega Steelix. These Pokemon will be transferable to the full game when it is purchased, along with any items you have bought such as Pokeballs or Potions, and it sounds like you get the mega stones too (though some sources are saying you can’t).

IGN also points out that it might be a good idea to play your demo more than once–special scenarios may occur if the demo is played multiple times on different days. Who knows what secrets you might unlock?

Demo codes for everyone!

Today’s the last day to sign up for the Pokemon Trainer Club and opt in to the newsletter for a free demo code. But if that’s not your thing, Serebii reports plenty of other ways:

  • From Nov. 7-13 codes will be available at select movie theatres
  • Certain retailers will be holding demo code giveaways
  • Purchase Pokemon Art Academy from the eShop on October 24th for a free demo code (and look out for my review of the game tomorrow morning!)
  • Purchase one of the two upcoming Pokemon Virtual Console games, listed above (Puzzle Challenge or TCG)
  • During the week of October 31, certain people with Nintendo Network IDs signed up to receive promotional emails may receive a demo code by email
  • Codes will be distributed during the holiday mall tour.

With all these different methods of getting a code, it’s a bit of a wonder as to why they didn’t just put the demo free in the eShop. Let’s just hope the demo is cool enough to live up to the hype they’re trying to surround it with!

And finally, some rumors…

WARNING: This section contains potential spoilers for Pokemon ORAS, including some unconfirmed mega evolutions and other information. Read at your own risk.

The iDigital Times published some rumors from r/Pokemon this weekend, from an alleged contract employee of Nintendo who “just couldn’t take it anymore.” Take these with a grain of salt–the leaker was anonymous, of course. But if true, these games are even more awesome than they already sound.

First, some mega-evolutions. The leaker stated that Mega Flygon, Jirachi, Solrock, and Lunatone have all been programmed into the game already and will be revealed in the next few weeks. Solrock and Lunatone will be dependent on the demo code received, likely in similar way to Steelix and Glalie.

Other possible megas that are possible but not yet decided on include Milotic, Butterfree, Zangoose, Seviper, and Raticate. The leaker said that high-demand megas for Dragonite, Bisharp, and Arcanine have not even been discussed.

The leaker also stated that Johto starters will be making a comeback of some sort, though no news on whether they get mega evolutions as well.

And finally, my favorite part of this rumor, apparently ORAS will have lots of post-game content and a really amazing Trick House. Yesssssss.

Whether those rumors are anything near the truth or not remains to be seen, but either way, I’m hyped.

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