This Morning’s Pokemon ORAS News Roundup (Update!)


Update: Serebii has just reported that Trainer Customization is no longer possible in Pokemon ORAS.

The rest of the story:

This morning, the Pokemon Company has opened the floodgates for information about what’s new in Hoenn, the setting of the upcoming Pokemon remakes: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, releasing on November 21. Here’s a roundup of all the Pokemon ORAS news we’ve received today:

Even more mega evolutions!

A few days ago, I posted a compilation of all the mega evolutions we know of so far. According to Serebii, both Glalie and Steelix will be receiving mega evolutions, and unlike some of their predecessors (lookin at you, Slowbro), these guys look amazing. Steelix’s ability is Sand Force.

Special ORAS League on Global Link

The Pokemon Global Link was amazing in X and Y. Finally, you could trade and battle with anyone in the world with an internet connection–even total strangers. Although the feature was not new to X and Y, those games were the first time a Pokemon game truly had the global capabilities it needed. And the features keep coming.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will feature a special ORAS League. Only Pokemon caught, hatched, or officially gifted during normal gameplay can be used. A similar league will be set up for Pokemon X and Y games, which will also allow Pokemon brought over from the Poke Transporter feature. For those players who haven’t been able to transfer Pokemon from previous games, the ORAS League especially sounds like a wonderful place to test their skills.

New PokeNav Features

Remember the PokeNav? The weird little device that we sometimes used to look at the map and contest information? It just got really useful. A new DexNav feature allows players to raise their “search level” as they find Pokemon. At higher levels, it is easier to find Pokemon with Hidden Abilities and special moves. A listing feature lets you mark off Pokemon you have and have not seen in a particular area.

The “AreaNav” feature brings back the best of the old PokeNav, tracking secret bases, berries, and trainer rematches. In an interview with GameSpot, it was revealed that the AreaNav will also help trainers track which Pokemon are appearing around them, allowing them to see silhouettes, or tails of Pokemon in the grass before they encounter them. The game will still feature its same random encounters, but you now have the option of “sneaking” up on Pokemon you can see to battle them, presumably creating a new method of catching rare Pokemon with powerful abilities, or even shinies.

“BuzzNav” sounds like an infinitely-improved version of the old Teachy TV. It can play “television shows” (which will likely include gameplay tips and other information), and can receive information via StreetPass.

The PokeNav is also the hub for the PSS, Super Training, and Pokemon Amie, all which seem to return unchanged in ORAS.

Soaring ever higher

Before, we talked about Latios and Latias having the ability to fly their trainer up into the clouds above Hoenn. Though I speculated this would just be like the Dive feature from the original ORAS, with limited areas you could explore, it looks like you can literally fly anywhere. Though only Latios or Latias combined with the Mega Stone can use this ability, flight lets you travel around Hoenn and see it from a bird’s eye view, as well as catch Pokemon you can’t get anywhere else.

Dark areas called Mirage Spots will appear in the sky, housing rare and powerful Pokemon. This seems to be the method of collecting legendary Pokemon from previous games, such as Lugia and Ho-oh, Dialga and Palkia, and Zekrom and Reshiram.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that between ORAS, X, and Y, trainers will finally be able to catch ’em all, even if they haven’t brought Pokemon in from previous generations.

Secret Bases for everyone

Not only are Secret Bases shareable with the StreetPass feature, but trainers can generate QR codes to post on the Internet to allow anyone to visit their Secret Base and recruit them to theirs. Finally, StreetPass will allow you to seek out players at random and share bases. Secret Bases are much more customizable, allowing you to change the layout of your own Base and put visiting trainers wherever you like, even to the point of creating your own gym.

How about a demo?

Because they finally announced one for North America! Siliconera reports that the demo will be available to those with a Pokemon Trainer Club account who have opted to receive the Trainer Club newsletter. Those members will receive an email with a serial code for the Nintendo eShop that will allow them to download the demo. The demo will allow trainers to choose between Sceptile, Blaziken, and Swampert and play with their mega evolutions and ultimate moves.

If you don’t have a Pokemon Trainer Club account, you can go here and register. If you sign up by October 19, you’ll still be eligible for the demo.

And…a new trailer!

If you want to see a lot of this in action, some of the new megas and features are showcased in the following trailer!

Wow, that was a lot of amazing Pokemon ORAS news. Are you as hyped for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as I am? Comment below and tell us about it! Or follow us on twitter @GameSidedDotCom. For news and stories wherever you go, download the official Fansided App on the App Store or Google Play Market today!