Sakurai Teases New Smash Modes On WiiU


In a Miiverse post this morning, Masahiro Sakurai teased two new Smash modes for Super Smash Bros, seemingly exclusive to the WiiU.

Fan speculation includes everything from being able to play as Master Hand and Crazy Hand, to a new Adventure Mode, to Smash matches with either insane difficulty levels or added randomness for a “crazy” experience.

What we do know: The giant piles of gold underneath each hand indicates that the two modes will be worth quite a few coins, used as in-game currency to purchase trophies and higher difficulties in Classic. These modes are for Solo play, and come under the “Games and More” section just like Classic Mode.

A fan in the comments did point out that the Japanese version of this screenshot has the game mode on top censored, but not the names, which read “Master Side” and “Crazy Side.” The English translation seems to contain actual spoilers, though.

This, along with the potentially datamined announcer voices indicating other play modes on the 3DS, is pretty convincing evidence that Nintendo and Sakurai have plenty more tricks up their sleeves. As awesome and fun as 3DS Smash is, I’m excited to see what the WiiU version has in store for us!

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