All Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Mega Evolutions So Far

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This morning, a new batch of CoroCoro scans appeared, and Pokemon fans got a taste of three exciting new Mega Evolutions that will appear in the upcoming Pokemon remakes: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The games come out on November 21st, and are remakes of the GameBoy Advance favorites: Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

Though many aspects of the games will be the same as they were in their original versions, to bring them up to date with this generation the Mega Evolution mechanic has been added. By collecting certain mega stones from all over the region, their corresponding Pokemon are able to evolve further than ever before–gaining new abilities, stat boosts, and a cool new look. Pokemon X and Y introduced 28 Mega Evolutions, while 16 new mega evolutions (plus a seventeenth that had already been discovered by hacking in X and Y) and 2 “primal reversions” have been revealed thus far for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Here’s a rundown of the mega evolutions we know will be making their debut (images and info from Serebii and Bulbapedia):

Mega Sceptile

Mega Blaziken was introduced in Pokemon X and Y, so the other two Hoenn starter Pokemon had to receive mega evolutions as well. Mega Sceptile adds the dragon type to its grass type, and gains the ability “Lightning Rod.”

Mega Swampert

The third of the Hoenn starter trio is already a water/ground type, but receives the ability “Swift Swim” with its mega evolution, as well as a huge boost to its attack stat.

Mega Slowbro

We thought that this Pokemon couldn’t get any dopier, but somehow they gave Slowbro (not Slowking, mind) a mega evolution and…well, here it is. Mega Slowbro has boosted Defense and Special Attack to make use of its powerful Psychic abilities. But the best part is that this is actually what it looks like in battle. It supposedly bounces up and down on its tail to stay upright…..yeah.

Mega Sharpedo

This rather terrifying looking sea creature is used by the Team Aqua leader, Archie. Mega Sharpedo receives increases in all of its stats. Its ability is Strong Jaw.

Mega Camerupt

The Team Magma counterpart to Mega Sharpedo, Mega Camerupt is used by Maxie. It receives an increase in all of its stats except for speed, which is decreased, and gains the ability Sheer Force.

Mega Salamence

When it mega evolves, Salamence gains a huge boost to its defense stat, along with the ability Aerilate.

Mega Sableye

This weird-looking little imp (nice detail in the reflection there though) gains the ability Magic Bounce. Its Special Attack and Defense skyrocket, but its speed decreases…likely because it’s holding that giant gem thing in front of it.

Mega Metagross

Mega Metagross will be used by Steven Stone, the Hoenn champion. It gains a huge boost in Speed and smaller gains in all other stats, along with the ability Tough Claws, making it arguably one of the scariest mega evolutions to go up against.

This isn’t all. Turn the page for the rest of the mega evolutions (including the brand new ones introduced today) in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!