Pier Solar HD Coming To PS3, PS4, Steam & Ouya Next Week


Update: This story originally stated that Pier Solar HD was coming to Xbox 360, I was mistaken, there is no Xbox 360 version and apologize for the mistake, it has now been corrected.

Well it took a little longer than we originally, thought, but starting next week, developer Watermelon’s tribute to classic 16-bit rpgs, Pier Solar HD is finally coming out on current consoles next week!

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Previously only available on the Genesis (yet released in 2012!), Pier Solar HD is a rpg in the vein of classics like Lunar & Chrono Trigger. It will being hitting PS3, PS4, Steam & even Ouya on September 30th. Don’t have any of those platforms? Never fear, as Pier Solar HD is coming to Xbox One, Wii U and even Dreamcast sometime in the following month.

I’m pretty excited about Pier Solar HD, but given that Shadow of Mordor is also out that day, I may actually wait til it’s out on another system. It seems like a perfect fit to play on my Wii U gamepad, for instance. But if you are looking for an old-school jrpg experience like back in the 16-bit days, be sure to check out Pier Solar HD when it comes to your particular platform of choice.


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