Bravely Second to feature new areas, old friends


If you haven’t heard, Square Enix’s hit Bravely Default is getting a sequel: Bravely Second. The latest issue of Famitsu revealed more information about this game, though a Japanese release date still hasn’t been announced. Currently, it is still up in the air whether it will be released in the west or not, but considering the success of its predecessor, it is likely that its sequel will also be released worldwide.

According to Siliconera, the Bravely game development team experienced some changes between the first and second installment. Naotaka Hayashi, the main writer of Bravely Default’s story, will not be working on Bravely Second. Rather, the game will feature a team of multiple writers. Similarly, the composer of Bravely Default’s beautiful soundtrack, Reno, will not return to work on Bravely Second. Square Enix has hired ryo of SuperCell to work on the game instead.

At this point in development, Bravely Second is playable from beginning to end, but Square Enix intends to spend more time polishing it. The game already looks gorgeous: it features the same art style as the original, but with even more refinement and color.

One of the best-loved features of Bravely Default was the asterisk and job system. The asterisks will be returning, and will be held by the same characters as in Bravely Default. The only jobs that have been revealed as of yet are Performer, Valkyrie, Red Mage, Time Mage, and (presumably) Freelancer, the default class.

The game takes place in the same world of Luxendarc as the first title, but with new areas, including a new city near the Temple of Earth called Guatelatio. Agnes will return, now as the pope of the crystal orthodoxy, and the plot centers around her being kidnapped and subsequently rescued by the main character, Magnolia Arch, who hails from a nation on the moon. From the information revealed so far, the game promises to be beautiful, exciting, and an excellent follow-up to Bravely Default.

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