With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha..."/>

With Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha..."/>

7 Features That Need To Return in Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

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Difficulty Settings

Wow, Black and White 2 really had some of the best features. These games had Easy and Challenge settings that you could unlock depending on which version you had purchased. Trainers could unlock the missing play mode by connecting with someone who had unlocked it on their game. This feature, although intriguing, was unavailable until late in the game and frustrating to access. It was removed in X and Y.

Pokemon trainers have always been creative about coming up with their own difficulty modes. X and Y trainers turn off EXP Share to make Pokemon level slower, and trainers in every generation are familiar with switching from “Switch” to “Set” so they cannot switch Pokemon in battle. Many fans also participate in self-imposed Nuzlocke Challenges, aka Pokemon “Hard Mode.” Nintendo and GameFreak have long walked a fine line between making the games too easy for veteran players and too hard for the younger set, so difficulty modes accessible from the start of the game that provide significantly interesting twists to gameplay could help bridge this gap and make the games exciting for a wider range of players.

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