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Xbox One Sees External Hard Drive Support In June


It was teased earlier by an Xbox One developer on Reddit, but now it is official. Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One will now receive external hard drive support in a firmware update coming this June. It’s just part of all the “Pre-3” announcements coming out of the Xbox division, which has already included a cheaper SKU without Kinect, removing the entertainment apps paywall and instituting Games With Gold on the newer platform.

Further Xbox One improvements coming to the update include the likes of optional real names for your friends list, SmartGlass app access to further devices, TV and OneGuide support to several more markets, and a highly-requested feature that I’m glad to see happen: the option to pick an account for auto-sign-in. With the Kinect being optioned out of the Xbox One box, it makes sense for the developers now to allow users to get online much easier without using the smart camera to do it for you.

Microsoft seems to be sticking to their word when it comes to their E3 2014 promise of sticking to the games. By getting all of the exciting, yet important Xbox One infrastructure details out of the way now, we can expect to see more gameplay demos and new game reveals than we would have with Microsoft’s allotted time. Plus, players can use their external hard drives to eventually play said games, starting this June.


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