Xbox One Dev Teases External Hard Drive Update


Just when you think that Microsoft had run out of things to reveal about its Xbox One console, they have another thing up their sleeve. A mod-confirmed Xbox developer has posted the above screenshot on Reddit, showing Xbox One support for external hard drives. Based on memory requirements to the Xbox One’s OS, it appears that a 500 GB external hard drive is being used in conjunction with the native 500 GB internal hard drive that the console uses already.

My guess is that Microsoft has been holding onto this revelation so it could be unleashed at this year’s E3 press conference. It makes sense, as it appears that even Halo 5, entertainment apps paywall being removed from Xbox Live Gold, a $399 Kinect-free SKU and Games With Gold coming to Xbox One couldn’t be fit into the hour+ event Microsoft has planned this June.

As an Xbox One owner, due to the size of the console and its enormous power brick it is quite a bummer that the Xbox One doesn’t support internal hard drives at this time. Yes, the external hard drive capabilities make it easier to move about, but it will require yet another plug and yet another humongous rectangle on top of an already-visually-displeasing console. It is also a lot simple to be able to increase the size of one central storage drive, instead of managing your games content on two seperate drives while also managing power supplies.

“Soon…” seems to be the only indication of time for when the Xbox One will see external hard drive support, so we’ll just have to wait and see to find out just how soon that is.


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