Titanfall Expedition Release Date Leaked?


As I was perusing the Reddit forums, I stumbled upon a post with a link to Gamestop.com.  The link was to a pre-order page for the new Titanfall Expedition DLC pack.   According to the site, the expansion will be available for download at 8:00 am EST on Thursday, May 15th.  This comes as a bit of a surprise, since the general consensus was sometime in May, but nothing had been confirmed.

Now, one could make the case that this was a typo or an arbitrary date, but that seems less likely.   I took a screenshot of the page in the event the site was changed or the date was changed.  Just wanted some confirmation that I wasn’t misreading their site.

If you put the Titanfall Expedition Map Pack in the search engine, it will give you this link and also one for the Xbox 360 version.  Interestingly, the 360 version shows a download date of December 31st which does seem like an arbitrary date.

The favorite son of the Xbox One is banking on this being one of three very successful DLC packs.  Titanfall has been the best-selling Xbox One game and Microsoft is surely hoping that the expansion packs will build on its current success.  There is also a season pass for the expansions, and it is also available for purchase.

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