Titanfall Expedition DLC Coming in May


Today at PAX East, Respawn Entertainment announced their plans for the first DLC for the critically acclaimed Titanfall. The DLC, titled Expedition, will be released in May and will include three new maps.The three maps will be “Swampland,” “Runoff,” and “War Games.”

Swampland will be the largest of the three which allows for wall running from tree to tree.  Now if only there was a Tarzan outfit for your pilot. Runoff has lots of water and is connected to Swampland.  The developers mentioned that “it has a lot of pipes and water.”  Anyone up for a swim? War Games is set in the training grounds where titan pilots train and is similar to Training Grounds.  Who wouldn’t like to work on their shooting skills?

In addition to three new maps, Respawn is adding the ability to customize titans with decals along with the ability to use hashtags to find players similar to yourself.

In regards to the hashtags; “It’s supposed to span beyond just gaming sites,” Respawn said at its PAX East panel. “You don’t have to trade gamertags and make parties and be online at the same time. It’s not a way to boost. It’s a way to coordinate so you can choose your teammates.”

As I said back in my review of Titanfall, the game lacked customization as seen in other AAA FPS titles.  Are these small additions enough?  What are your thoughts GameSiders, let me know in the comments section below!

(Source: IGN)