Mega64 Highlights BioShock Inifinite: Eating Garbage & Hat Salads


Normally, when Mega64 acts out something they see in a video game, it involves Rocco, Derrick, Sean and others showcasing the gameplay aspects of their spoof. For their recent parody upload of BioShock Infinite, however, they elect to go for gross-out.

I’m glad that this video addressed an immersion-breaking problem with video games: “heroes” don’t eat out of garbage cans or off of the ground to restore their health. In many ways this problem is solved by going to the regenerative health well way too often, but Mega64 decides to show Rocco Botte as Booker DeWitt from one of last year’s top video games eating (hopefully staged) food out of actual garbage cans in public. Ice cream cones, pizza slices, lemons; even a whole cake is produced.

The video was originally shown at this year’s Game Developers Conference (in which they have produced hilarious promotional videos for in the past), but now everyone on Youtube gets to see just how it doesn’t make sense for a protagonist to be scrounging for food in the middle of high-stakes battle.


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