Don’t Starve Together Announced, Acts As Free Multiplayer Expansion


If you thought it was too tough to brave the wilderness by yourself in Don’t Starve, well now you have the opportunity to try it with a friend. Klei Entertainment has announced on their forums that the popular Indie game will see a multiplayer expansion added, called Don’t Starve Together. It will be a free expansion to those who own Don’t Starve, however the full price of the game will hit $19.99 when the multiplayer addition hits its alpha stage. It’s currently priced at $14.99 on their website and on Steam.

There’s no dedicated release date for Don’t Starve Together, although the current projection is for later this Summer. As with the original launch, the upgrade will become available for the Steam and standalone version first, which are the only versions dedicated to receiving the upgrade at this time.

The best part of the announcement for Don’t Starve Together is that it will be completely separate from single player gameplay. It’s great to see that the balance of items won’t be adjusted for those who want to play by themselves, but also is good to know that the online experience will change things up. Plus, it will act as a great way to bring in friends or people you can play with online to the game as a means of giving the game legs, as it tries to stay relevant years after release.

Don’t Starve Together is expected to hit Steam and standalone PC versions late this summer.


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