Call Of Duty 2014 Set To Cast Kevin Spacey


In news that only further sets the hype machine in motion after today’s earlier Call of Duty 2014 news, Activision has released a short teaser video for the game on their Youtube channel, featuring the voice and digitally-rendered likeness of Kevin Spacey.

There’s not much new information to the video that hasn’t been hidden on the teaser site, but it does seem to set the table for Spacey’s character to serve as some high-ranking villain within the game’s alternate world. “Ideas don’t determine who’s right,” Kevin Spacey declares in the video. “Power determines who’s right. And I have the power, so I’m right.”

Whoever wrote those corny lines aren’t likely to win any awards, but it’s a short Call of Duty 2014 promo meant to show that notable acting talent has been linked to the game, and it serves the purpose. As much as one can be tired with the Call of Duty series, Sledgehammer Games have shown promise by tackling a difficult subject head-first, as well as separating themselves from the other developers in Treyarch and Infinity Ward.

We’ll be following the reveal of Call of Duty 2014 up to release, including the title reveal this Sunday, May 4th.


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