Call Of Duty 2014 Teaser Site Revealed, Involves Private Military Companies


Courtesy of Game Informer.

UPDATE: There’s no doubt now about the involvement of private military companies, as the Call of Duty Youtube channel has posted a video in which they team up with documentary company VICE to provide a promo video about PMC’s. It’s unclear if the VICE portion of the story behind PMC’s is real, or whether it’s part of the marketing behind Call of Duty 2014.

ORIGINAL: Game Informer looks to be the publication that will have first access to information about the upcoming Call of Duty 2014 title. This Sunday May 4th at 1 PM ET, they will reveal the cover image, along with the name of the upcoming Call of Duty title being developed by Sledgehammer Games.

In order to further increase excitement for the title, Activision has released a new teaser site for Call of Duty 2014, providing cryptic messages and visuals ahead of a countdown timer. The website appears to end its countdown at 10 AM ET on Sunday May 4th, in which something is bound to happen. That’s just how countdown timers work!

What we do have a glimpse into is just what the game might be about. The image provided by Game Informer is titled, “Blacksmith.” Additionally, hidden links are featured on the Call of Duty 2014 teaser site, including a Business Insider article about Blackwater, a New York Times topic page about Mercenaries and Private Military Contractors, as well as the Wikipedia page for “Private Military Company.

Hopefully, this means that Sledgehammer Games are trying to think outside the box when it comes to their Call of Duty titles. It’d be great to get a different feel within the shooter series outside of staunch pro-US-military patriotism, one that deals with the uglier aspects of contract fighters. Plus, if it is set in 2014 it lines straight up with Metal Gear Solid 4, which tackled private military companies with great tact (even if it was one of the ultimately more disappointing entries).

We’ll be back on Sunday morning to provide you with more Call of Duty 2014 information as it is revealed.


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