Infamous: Second Son Patch Includes New Photo Mode


As told through the PlayStation Blog, a big Infamous: Second Son content patch is coming to PS4 owners via the PlayStation Network starting tomorrow, April 17th. A lot of new and interesting features will be available for free, including an option to remove the UI, 30 FPS cap and ability to change the time of day once you beat the game through its entirety.

In addition to other features coming to Infamous: Second Son (localization and bug fixes, game pausing when the PS4 controller’s battery dies, etc.), the game will now feature a Photo Mode. If the option is allowed, pressing L3 will let you pause the game and explore a variety of different photo editing options. Camera placement, color grading, depth of field, camera angling; Second Son looks to maximize the creativity of the user’s capabilities when they want to share a screenshot via the PS4’s Share button.

It’s a really novel concept that I hope comes to a lot more PS4 games in the future. Heck, I’d be happy to see the ability to take a simple, basic screenshot on my Xbox One via Kinect. Either way, the Infamous: Second Son update patch will become available starting tomorrow, April 17.


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