The Last of Us PS4 Release Date June 20th?


Some of the large online retailers have started posting release dates for the much-anticipated The Last of Us on PS4.  Gamespot was doing some sleuthing today and noticed that Best Buy, Target and Gamefly had all posted June 20th as the release date for the game.  This date might be a placeholder, or it could be the actual release.  It is hard to be certain, but it is worth mentioning that June 20th is the Friday after E3.  Curious yet?

Taking a quick look at Amazon, they still show the release date for December 31st 2014, but that is just an arbitrary date so we know that is not it.

Gamespot tried to contact Sony for comments, but at this time, they hadn’t received a response.  We will keep a close watch for any updates that might come available.

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