New Skylanders Game To Be Unveiled Next Week


It’s only been six months since Skylanders: Swap Force invaded video game and toy stores, but Activision is just about ready to announce the next game in the popular and lucrative franchise.

That’s according to Polygon, whose news editor received an invitation to a media event in New York on April 23. The invite included a video clip from Skylanders NPCs Eon and Kaos and the message that the event would show off “the latest innovation from the franchise that created the toys-to-life category.”

But while a new Skylanders title is clearly the focus of the event, there’s plenty of room for intrigue and speculation until next Wednesday. Will the next game feature its own signature game mechanic the way Swap Force centered on its body-swapping technique? Will the next entry in the series abandon last-gen consoles (unlikely, since there are still so many in use) or simply be the first Skylanders game to release on seventh and eighth-gen machines at the same time?

Perhaps most importantly to yours truly, is this going to mean we need another portal? Because we already have two of those around my house, and my kids know that they can play Giants or Swap Force on the newer one, leaving the older one to sit around collecting dust.

We won’t know as soon as Polygon, but expect to see our take on the unveiling once it takes place on the 23rd.