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Upcoming Super Smash Bros: Charizard Confirmed


Confirmed just at the tail end of the Smash Bros Nintendo Direct (pun intended), Nintendo revealed that Charizard is one of the newest characters confirmed for the upcoming Super Smash Bros roster.

While not much of his move set has been confirmed, Charizard in the new Smash Bros can breath fire, grab and launch with claw attacks, use his tail as a smash attack, launch dash at enemies in a fiery blaze and mega-evolve into Mega Charizard X in what may be a final smash attack.

For Sakurai and Nintendo to include not one, but two new Pokemon to the roster may be a bit too much, but hopefully there will be further additions to the Smash Bros roster the closer we get to the Summer 3DS release.

Keep it here with us at GameSided as we continue to update you with all the new Smash Bros information coming out of today’s Nintendo Direct.


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