Mega64 Takes On The Stanley Parable


The staple of early Mega64 was to provide a humorous take on video games by recreating certain aspects in real life. Seeing three guys act like lunatics on the streets of San Diego gave them their start on Youtube. Now the crew is back at it again, but this time recreating The Stanley Parable in real life.

One of my top games last year, The Stanley Parable centers around Stanley and his existential escape from the norm and being told what to do. It involves a deeply-involved narrator, which somehow the Mega64 crew were able to get specifically for this video. Taking a camera and walking up to people while the narrator dictates the current events, the reactions made by strangers on the street make the video. Some are pleasant, some are inquisitive, others are willing to do everything in their power to destroy Stanley and all possessions he has.

It’s yet another hilarious take on video games by Mega64, so make sure to check out The Stanley Parable parody in the video below.


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