Xbox One Controllers Will Get New Update…Again


According to Engadget, the Xbox One controller is set for another update in the coming weeks.  The same controller that many of us just updated will need yet another one to help fix the connectivity issues with 3rd party headsets.  There are still numerous reports that indicate the headsets still have problems with the party chat, and this new update is Microsoft’s next attempt at correcting the concern.

It is very frustrating to invest in a console peripheral, only to be hindered enjoyment because of problems with the connection.  Many companies, including the very popular gaming peripheral company Astro Gaming released a patch (after the previous controller update) to help combat the connectivity issues, but this new update will likely lead to yet another round of “patches”.

Hopefully this upcoming update will correct the remaining concerns, and allow fans and game peripheral companies the opportunity to enjoy the products they have created and purchased.   Stay informed by following for all your gaming news and information.