Astro Gaming Headsets Releases Patch To Fix PS4 And Xbox One Chat Audio


Astro gaming headsets are regarded as some, if not, the best gaming headsets available.  However, it had been reported that there were some issues with the chat on Xbox One and PS4.  Earlier this year, Microsoft released an Xbox One Stereo Adapter that was supposed to enable third party headsets to work with the Xbox One.  It was said that the voices were garbled and crackly, but this past Friday, according to Polygon, Astro released a firmware update to hopefully correct the issue.

The issues with the chat aren’t restricted to only Astro headsets; all third party headsets were reported to be experiencing the problem.  The patch will work with the A40 and A50 headsets.  Astro said that the update was for the Xbox One and PS4 only, and if you used the headsets on the 360 or the PS3, you should not download it.  The update can be downloaded from the Astro Firmware Update link provided.

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