Atlus Handling Delay Of Daylight Amicably With Discount


Rarely do you see genuine empathy when it comes to developers and publishers regrettably delaying their games’ releases. Quite the opposite appears to be true with Atlus, as IGN reports that the company will be delaying the release of their upcoming procedurally-generated survival horror game, Daylight, until April 29th. The game was set for release originally on April 8th for both the PC and PS4.

It’s not entirely all that bad, however. In the same breath, Atlus has announced that for the first two weeks of the sale of Daylight, PS Plus subscribers can download the game for $9.99, with non-subscribers paying $11.99. Additionally, pre-ordering the game on PC will cost you $9.99. After the price drop period is over, the game will revert back to its originally-intended price of $14.99.

This is a trend I would love to see more of. It’s a great thing to see game publishers be humble and apologetic about their delayed games, especially to the point of making it up to their fans who have been waiting some months (even years) for the announced games to come out. It’s a stark contrast to cases like in Titanfall, where the Xbox 360 version was delayed not once, but twice, at the very last second.


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