Xbox 360 Version of Titanfall Delayed til April 8th


EA has just announced that the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall has been pushed back to April 8th from the current release date of March 25th. The release claims that the game is “fantastic”, but that they “see a few things that can be made even better”.

Of course this is the version of Titanfall that no one has seen any evidence of whatsoever. There have been no shots of Box Art, no videos, not even a single screen shot. Yet it’s still coming out in two weeks? I have some serious doubt that two more weeks will salvage whatever eventually gets dumped out on the 360 or just becomes vaporware.

You also have to wonder if shooting for any kind of parity between the two versions affected the development of the Xbox One version in some form. Not that Titanfall isn’t a highly regarded game, but I have definitely heard some journalists say that it doesn’t look significantly better than a 360 game, and doesn’t “feel” very next-gen (whatever that means). I understand hedging their bets by releasing Titanfall on both platforms, but I don’t really think that is doing anyone any favors, especially at this point.

My guess is that unfortunately EA will be more than willing to put out a shoddy buggy product that doesn’t come anywhere near matching the Xbox One version because there’s over 80 million 360s out there and people know the name Titanfall and unwitting customers will buy it.

Frankly I do hope it actually comes out because at this point morbid curiosity alone will make me want to check out the 360 version. Is it even functional? Or just a broken mess that they shoved out the door?