White Xbox One On Ebay


Pocket-lint reported that, the Microsoft “employee only white Xbox One” has been spotted on Ebay.  The company gave these out to Microsoft employees right before the Xbox One was released to the public.  They were given as a thank you for the work each employee contributed in the creation of the new console.  The White Xbox’s have inscribed on the front, “I Made This”,  a nice touch for these extremely rare editions.

These special edition Xbox’s are currently not for sale in stores, however there has been some speculation that they might be made available at a later date.   There are currently several for sale on ebay, with some having bids in excess of $3000.  A steep price, considering the only difference between the original Xbox One and the white one, is the color.  However, if you can’t wait to get your hands on these and you have money just growing on trees,  then let the bidding begin.

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