The Titanfall Day 1 Update Is 840 MB Big


Yes, yet another post about Titanfall. However, this one you should definitely be informed about, as the Titanfall Day 1 update is 840 MB in size. This is according to those who have early access to the game ahead of its release next week, as someone posted a picture of their TV screen confirming the file size on the Titanfall subreddit.

This will not be in addition to the 48 GB installation size that has previously been confirmed for the PC version, but for physical copies of the game on the Xbox One. There is no confirmation about the Xbox 360 version’s total installation or possible Titanfall Day 1 update, as it has been delayed until March 25th release.

It is very odd to say that 840 MB for an update you need to perform out of the box is not that big. However, we have already seen the outrageously-huge 13 GB update for Dead Rising 3, one which has been lampooned for its lengthy installation time. Plus, the game requires you to be online to play all facets of the game, so consumers picking up Titanfall will have to concede on that front, anyways.

Titanfall will be released on March 11th for the PC and Xbox One, with the Xbox 360 version coming out two weeks later. We’re almost out of the “Titanfall everything” stretch!


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