Titanfall Requires 48 GB Installation On PC


It was mentioned in today’s Video Games News And Rumors, but it also deserved standalone recognition from us at GameSided after making the rounds once again. According to a Tweet made by Respawn Entertainment founder Vince Zampella, the installation of Titanfall on a PC will be quite substantial.

To me, it sounds like an awful lot of space for a game with a small online multiplayer campaign, roughly 15 reported maps and just a handful of playable modes. However, it could also be a good thing in relation to its size on the Xbox One. Zampella himself said it takes up less than 20 GB on Microsoft’s newest console, meaning that we may just see that much better of a performance on the PC version than on the Xbox One.

Titanfall drops out of the sky and onto PC and Xbox One on March 11th. Finally then may the ongoing hype train that has been draining the games media go back down to liveable levels…until the Xbox 360 version releases two weeks later on March 25th.

(h/t CVG)


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