Cross-Platform Arcade Shooter Meltdown Hits Steam Early Access


Phenomenon Games and BulkyPix really want you to be able to play Meltdown as soon as possible. So even though work continues on the game and its cross-platform ambitions, you can check it out now via Steam Early Access for a discounted pirce of $3.99. The full release is expected to be $5.99.

Described as a tactical arcade shooter, Meltdown has both single and multiplayer modes that feature ramdomly generated levels in a sci-fi setting where gamers try to blast their way out of a malfunctioning space station. The most notable aspect of the multiplayer is that it’s co-op for up to four players, and it’s already cross-platform across PC, Mac and Android. The game is also available on iOS, though without the ability to play with people on other platforms for the time being.

The Early Access version already has Steam Cloud integration, controller support and Steam Trading Cards, meaning it’s already deeper into the development process than many games at the same stage. Take a gander at the trailer here and check out Meltdown on your platform of choice.


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