Customizable Stadiums Unveiled For Blood Bowl 2


Cyanide is still hard at work on Blood Bowl 2, aiming for a release before the end of 2014. Along with revamping the look with a brand new graphics engine, adding new game modes and punching up the commentary, the French studio unveiled another new feature today that is almost guaranteed to make the game’s brutal take on fantasy football (meaning football in a fantasy setting, not the usual meaning!) a lot more interesting: scalable, customizable stadiums.

Yes, you’ll be able to start with a modest field and build it into an emposing Blood Bowl citadel in the new game,  spending funds won in both solo and multiplayer campaign matches on a number of upgrades. Though they’ll look better as you do so, building improvements will also allow you to earn more revenue from home games. And if we know Blood Bowl, having more fans in the seats means bonuses on certain rolls and an increased likelihood that spectators will take an active part in the match, usually with disastrous results for the opposition.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to own their own Blood Bowl stadium? Cyanide will be showing off its most recent build of Blood Bowl 2 at GDC later this month, but we’ve got a few screenshots of human and orc stadiums right here. Better get ready to dust off those spiked pads …