Titanfall Xbox One Bundle Heading To Stores March 11


It has been speculated upon by others in the past, but now it is official. According to Microsoft executive Major Nelson’s blog, a special Titanfall Xbox One bundle will be heading towards stores March 11th. Included is a standard Xbox One console, a digital copy of Titanfall, wireless controller, headset and one month of Xbox Live Gold membership to play. That last part is crucial, seeing as there is no single player component to the game. It retails at $499.

There’s not much to the move that doesn’t make sense. Although it would be much better if they could have provided a physical copy of EA’s upcoming shooter, a Titanfall Xbox One bundle could be just the thing Microsoft needs to regain losses in the 8th generation console market share. It’s still very early, but the PS4 still outsold the Xbox One by roughly double in January. NPD counts only for North America, meaning that Sony is beating Microsoft on their home turf.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but it is in desperation that innovation and creativity spring open. Maybe the Titanfall Xbox One bundle will be the first of several intriguing tactics to get consumers to buy into what Microsoft is selling.


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