Pete Holmes Denies Vega’s Claws For Use In Street Fighter Tournament (Video)


Pete Holmes is doing again what he does best; break down the reasoning and logic behind video games and pop culture. Today, Part 2 of his ongoing “Street Fighter: Red Tape” series sees the host of The Pete Holmes Show play the straight-man bureaucrat/human resources head go over fighter Vega’s request to use Wolverine-esque claws in the hand-to-hand tournament.

The video plays on both the improvisational talents of Pete Holmes and Thomas Middleditch, as Pete Holmes jabs at just how ridiculous it is to have someone have such a huge advantage in a street fight using a sharp weapon such as claws. Even though the logic is sound, Pete already went through Ryu’s application, which allows him to use the magical projectile “Hadouken.” If he could get away with shooting a spirit energy ball towards combatants, I’m pretty sure claws should be allowed!

Either way, Pete Holmes gets to showcase just how much of a classic video games nerd he is, while injecting humor, in the second video of his Street Fighter: Red Tape series. Check it out below.


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